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Police staff jobs

It takes more than just officers to make our policing family

Working at Northumbria Police doesn’t have to mean patrolling the streets. Join #TeamNP and play your part behind the scenes amongst our 2,000-strong team of professional and support staff.

Whether you’re pushing the boundaries of technology in our IT department, putting your people skills to use in a public-facing role like community engagement, or maintaining our fleet of vehicles. In our police staff teams, your skills will help to play a vital part in the delivery of our commitment to keep people safe and fight crime. Find out more about our fantastic opportunities, police staff benefits and more about life at TeamNP.

What you need to know before you apply

Our departments

From accountancy to administration, finance to forensics, crime to communications – find out a little more about police staff jobs within our different departments to see where you could find your place at #TeamNP.

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Our Teams

From accountancy to administration, finance to forensics, crime to communications – find out a little more about police staff jobs within our different departments to see where you could find your place at #TeamNP.

What you need to know before you apply

Frequently asked questions

Can I still apply if I don’t have a driving licence?2023-06-28T09:27:41+01:00

A small number of our Police Staff roles require you to have a driving licence as there’ll be a need to drive police vehicles to various locations across our region. Our adverts will specify when this is required. We may also advise that travel is required in a particular role – in this case you will need to demonstrate that you can meet this requirement by other means, if you don’t have a driving licence or access to a vehicle. If a disability or health condition prevents you from being able to drive, you may be able to apply for support through Access to Work. It’s worth noting that some of our police stations and buildings are often in remote locations, however there may be flexibility on your working location depending on the role. If you have any questions please get in touch with our Talent Acquisition Team who will be able to help.

What is Northumbria Police’s commitment to recruiting diverse candidates?2023-12-22T10:15:07+00:00

We are committed to tackling disparity in policing, which is reflected in our diversity and inclusion strategy Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Annual Report : Northumbria Police. Our goal is to have a Force that looks like the people it serves.

Since 2019, the number of officers from a Black, Asian and minority ethnic background has more than doubled; and the number of women in our ranks has increased by more than 30%.

Our in-house Positive Action team is on hand to offer support those from an ethnic minority background, whether you’re considering an application or already going through the recruitment process. To help you prepare for the role you can get in touch with our Positive Action team by emailing positiveaction@northumbria.police.uk.

To make our workplace more accessible to neurodivergent candidates, we continue to invest in educating our workforce around neurodiversity and how managers can support staff with neurodivergent traits. These colleagues are offered a support starter pack including a laptop with assistive software, noise cancelling headphones, visual stress pack, and a coloured pocket notebook. Changes to the working environment can be designed and implemented to make the working environment more inclusive via colour coded areas, quiet spaces and adjusted lighting.

Do you offer apprenticeship programmes for Police Staff?2023-12-22T10:16:11+00:00

Northumbria Police is among the top 100 apprenticeship employers. We offer several apprenticeship vacancies across a range of disciplines with a fantastic programme of development and support. If you are interested in an apprenticeship role, you can register for alerts to keep track of when a vacancy becomes available. Find out more about apprenticeships at Northumbria Police.

Will my police staff job be hybrid working?2024-06-11T14:48:06+01:00

We embrace and promote hybrid working across many of our police staff roles. This will be specified on the job advert and should be explored further with the hiring manager at the interview stage. If you’d like to know more about hybrid working prior to application, you can fin the relevant contact details for the hiring manager on the job advert.

What training can I expect to receive?2023-12-22T10:17:02+00:00

Police staff training can vary from online learning packages, on the job training, classroom programmes and other job-specific activities. If you are applying for a staff role in our Communications Centre, there is a set training plan over 8 weeks which you will find out more about upon successful offer. Other departments will have specific training plans that will be set out in the induction process.

We hold regular in-house workshops on general skills such as presentation skills, self-reflection and personal wellbeing. We also have an in-house leadership development programme to equip you with the transferable skills to become a future leader.

We are committed to supporting our staff and helping them develop in their roles. Your line manager will help to keep you on track with regular Performance & Development reviews where you set plans for your development and training needs and identify any skill gaps you may have.

How long does the police staff recruitment process take?2023-08-25T11:06:16+01:00

All staff of Northumbria Police, whether they wear a uniform or not, are in a position of responsibility and trust. If you are successful in the interview process, you will be given a conditional offer subject to pre-employment checks which will ensure your suitability to join our Force. Our vetting process may take longer than what you may expect in other organisations.

Ensure you complete and return any forms to us as soon as possible so as to not hold up the vetting process. We do not give a set time to complete a vetting file but deal with them as quickly as possible.

Throughout your application journey, honesty is always the best policy. It is essential that you declare all relevant information during both the application and vetting stages. We will ask you questions but you should also tell us about anything else that you think may impact on your suitability or eligibility for the role.

Will my interview be face-to-face or remote?2023-03-29T16:28:47+01:00

We host interviews both remotely, and face-to-face which will be confirmed by the Talent Acquisition Team. If your interview is face-to-face, be sure to ask any relevant questions around parking facilities, and who will be greeting you for your visit. If your interview is remote over teams, ensure that your technology is working and that you have a quiet space that is suitable for interview. Look at our “Top tips for success” to prepare for your interview.

Do you offer part-time positions for police staff?2024-06-11T14:34:38+01:00

Yes. Some of our Northumbria police staff positions are part time (reduced hours), or provide flexible working patterns, to allow you to balance life, work and other commitments.

Hours of work will be specified on the job advert. If you are unsure whether a police staff role can be worked flexibly, feel free to get in touch and we can talk through the options. You can find contact details for the hiring manager on the job advert.

I have a disability. What should I do if I need assistance or accommodations throughout the application process?2024-06-11T14:40:15+01:00

Northumbria Police is a Disability Confident Employer committed to recruiting great people and removing barriers that those with a disability typically face. If you require any support throughout the application process, including at interview, please contact careers@northumbria.police.uk and we’ll talk things through. Some example of how we have done this previously include – providing a sign language interpreter or (in some cases) sharing the question themes in advance.

Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?2024-06-11T14:36:16+01:00

Yes. You can apply for more than one job through our application portal and track the status of your application.

Do you offer work experience at Northumbria Police?2024-06-11T14:37:25+01:00

No. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer work experience at Northumbria Police.

If you’d like to explore other opportunities with TeamNP you can search our latest vacancies or get involved as a volunteer.

Top tips for success

Your suitability will depend largely on the police staff jobs in which you’re interested. If your application has been successful, you will be invited to the next stage interview. This is a great opportunity to see if you’ll be a good fit for TeamNP and if you’d enjoy working in one of our teams.

  • Research our values | As we work together to achieve our vision and purpose, it’s important that our workforce reflects our values. Be sure to research our values ahead of your interview to better understand our guiding principles.

  • Learn about our objectives | Our objectives shape our strategic plan in succeeding with our vision. These objectives are determined by our commitments and priorities which you should research ahead of your interview, and consider how your desired police staff roles may contribute.

  • Prepare your answers | Be confident, candid, and concise. Many of our hiring managers will use the STAR (situation, task, action, and result) interview technique. This is an opportunity to share concrete examples of work or life-related situations to show that you possess the experience, skills and qualities required for the job.
  • Understand our context | Showing an awareness of the challenges, demands and wider context of policing and the role you are applying for will help us appreciate that you understand the role and the force. Look into the challenges Northumbria Police, and the wider force, face. Make a note of how this may influence the police staff role you have applied for and how you could contribute to overcoming these challenges.

  • Make time to practice | You should familiarise yourself with typical interview questions – but there is no need to write them down or learn the answers word for word. Try to ensure that your answers are well structured, and the end result is clear. It’s good to show active listening skills and don’t be afraid to let us know if you have any adjustments that we can support with, like having the questions written down or needing extra time in a test or exercise.


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