Marine Constable Hedley first joined the ranks as a Police Constable in 2017, but this wasn’t his first experience on the beat. Before joining as a full-time officer, he was a volunteer in our Special Constabulary for two years working alongside colleagues to keep the public safe and fight crime.

Having previously worked for a home removal firm alongside his volunteering responsibilities, he took the leap. He said “I wanted a job full of variety where I wasn’t behind a desk. Here, I have the opportunity to get involved in things I wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to.”

In 2023, Marine Constable Hedley specialised into the force Marine Unit after passing the dive course for what he says, is undoubtedly “challenging and unique role.”

Our marine officers help to police our waterways (and up to 12 miles out to sea). Day-to-day they deploy making checks on ports and marinas, assisting in underwater searches for evidence and supporting investigations, and provide mutual aid to partner agencies and neighbouring forces.

He tells us his job as a Marine Officer is best described as “exciting, dangerous and skilled”.

Shift to shift, Marine Constable Hedley and the team can be diving in different, challenging and often dangerous environments performing several tasks to support operations but, he says there’s nothing more rewarding than finding key items of evidence in investigations.

No two days are ever the same an officer at TeamNP. Whether you’re patrolling the streets, in a high-speed pursuit or diving in the Tyne, his advice to anybody looking to kick start their career as a police constable is “Be prepared.”

“You come across things you have never experienced in your life before and it can often be demanding. But the other officers, staff and volunteers at Northumbria Police are so supportive.

“There are endless opportunities to learn from other people around you, and others with several years of experience. Take their advice, listen and you’ll be just fine.”

Working with our Marine Unit is just one of the many specialist roles you could consider when you’ve passed your probation.

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