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Volunteer Benefits

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Enhance your CV

Most employers see volunteering as an essential component of any CV. Volunteering will also give you strong examples that can be valuable in interviews.

Make a difference

As a volunteer, you’ll be making a difference in the community and giving something back. Volunteers help us to make our communities safer and you will have the chance to work on community initiatives that can be very rewarding.

Personal growth & development

You’ll gain new, transferable skills and experience new things. We do our best to help you develop the skills you want across a variety of volunteer roles.

Gain insight into policing

Gain an insight into the world of policing as a volunteer. Whether you’re interested in a career with us or just want to learn more about what we do – volunteering allows you to see “behind the scenes”.

Meet new people

As a TeamNP Volunteer, you’ll meet and work alongside like-minded people who are committed to making a difference in our communities. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with people from all walks of life.

New opportunities

As a Special Constable or Police Support Volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to become a Blue Light Wellbeing Ambassador.

Support associations

As a Special Constable or Police Support Volunteer, you’ll have access to our internal support associations – from Women in Policing, the ethnic minority association, menopause support group, baby buddies to the disability and carers association. They play a vital role in helping us create an inclusive culture, offering a safe space to meet like-minded colleagues, share experiences and inspire change.

Award nomations

Volunteers are an invaluable part of our policing family. You’ll have the opportunity to be nominated for, attend and even win local and national awards for your contribution to TeamNP.


Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers are entitled to relevant expenses, including mileage and approved miscellaneous expenses.

Attend events

You’ll have the opportunity to attend exciting events up and down the country, representing the volunteers of TeamNP and highlighting the fantastic work they do across our communities.

Be part of something that matters. Volunteer with TeamNP

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