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What is Positive Action?

Northumbria Police strives to be representative of the community we serve and we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply to join us.

Having true difference in our police family brings different perspectives and help us better understand our communities. In doing so, we can innovate and respond to the needs of our ever-changing society.

What support can Positive Action offer me?

Our Positive Action team, made up of serving officers and police staff, are on hand to offer assistance to prospective candidates with protected characteristics. This includes applicants from black and minority ethnic communities and women.

They can offer tailored, and sometimes one to one support, to guide you through the application process. They can assist you to overcome any barriers you may feel you face, whatever part of our police family you are thinking of joining.

What is our current area of focus?

We are currently encouraging applications from women and those who identify as BAME. It takes a great deal of people from different backgrounds and with diverse skills and experiences to serve the force area effectively.

Want to find out more about our Positive Action support?

Register your interest below by contacting the Positive Action team by email. Make sure you share your name, the local authority area where you live and whether you are female, BAME so we can share details about our events with you.

Contact our Positive Action Team

Our Positive Action Engagement Events

We are inviting prospective candidates to join us for an online recruitment event, where you’ll find out more about the support we can offer.

  • Introduction to Northumbria Police and the role and functions of a regular and / or special constable
  • Entry routes into policing
  • A walk through the police recruitment process, from application to assessment centre and interview
  • Fitness test and self-defence training
  • Mock training session (fitness test, officer safety training and legislation)
  • Facilitated workshops on behaviours, standards and decision making based on national competencies and values, The Police Service Code of Ethics and the national decision making model.
  • We’ll support you in understanding the competency based questions as part of the application process. If English is your second language we’ll be able to offer you further support
  • Reasonable adjustments throughout the application process for those with a disability