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Do you notice the things that others miss? Can you follow an investigation through until the end?

The Graduate Detective Programme is a hands-on course, designed to help you start your career in policing as a detective.

You’ll deal with serious and complex investigations, changing crime trends, collecting evidence and bringing offenders to justice.

If you thrive on problem solving, you’re adaptable and have the communication skills to support victims, this may well be the job for you.

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What’s involved in the Graduate Detective Programme?

In the 2 year programme, you’ll drive investigations to a successful conclusion and support victims. You’ll be trained in investigation techniques including interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects. Your day to day work could see you undertaking search warrants, making arrests or pushing a case through the courts. At the end of the scheme you’ll become a qualified detective without having to complete response officer training.

The role of a detective is a challenging one, and you can be dealing with upsetting crimes such as violent murders, victims of rape and sexual assaults. You will of course be given the support you need and there is always someone to seek advice from and to collaborate with.

Am I eligible to join the programme?

You don’t need any previous policing knowledge or experience, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never previously considered a career in policing, but you must have a degree in any discipline before you start the programme.

Take a look at our general eligibility requirements for officers.

How much does the course cost? 

The academic costs of this programme are covered by Northumbria Police.

What will I earn?

While in training you’ll earn a salary of £24,780.

This will rise each year as you gain the relevant skills and experience, for more information please visit our pay and benefits page.

What are the career opportunities?

Being a qualified detective opens so many other doors in policing such as specialist roles in safeguarding or homicide investigations as well as the worlds of covert policing.

What skills do I need? 

As a detective your mantra should be: ‘assume nothing, believe no-one and challenge everything’ – your decisions should be based on evidence, so you’ll need first-rate attention to detail to maintain an accurate record of the lines of enquiry.

It’s essential that you can work on your own, take responsibility for an investigation as well as working as part of a bigger team.

If you can bring these skills along with flexibility, tenacity and a mindset to question ‘why’ something has happened, you will thrive in an investigative role.

In return, you will be supported with the material to pass the exam,  and work in an inclusive and supportive team with access to specialists and advisors.

What about my wellbeing?

Creating a great place to work is fundamental at #TeamNP and we have a range of staff support networks to enhance wellbeing and help you in pursuing your career ambitions.

Our current support associations include: Women in Policing, the LGBT+ Association, Ethnic Minorities Association, the Christian Police Association and the Disability and Carers Association.

Likewise, taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing is incredibly important. We continue to invest in trained mental health first aiders onsite, an employee advice service offering 24/7 access to trained counsellors and a peer-led support programme. Our mentoring programme can also offer a helping-hand with your career progression.