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About Graduate Detective Programme

Do you notice the things that others miss? Can you follow an investigation through until the end?

As part of the Graduate Detective Programme we are looking for dedicated individuals with an eye for detail and are committed to the challenge ahead.

The programme has been designed to allow participants to take control of investigations within an ever-changing criminal landscape. You will become a detective – someone who holds a lot of responsibility and is capable of handling a range of investigations.

As a detective you will be faced with tough situations, changing crime trends, collecting evidence and bringing offenders to justice.

You need to be someone who is adaptable to the task at hand, enthusiastic about solving crimes and complex problems and able to support victims throughout the process.

Part of being a detective is demonstrating professionalism, resilience, and confidence in your ability to see the investigation through to the end.

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The Graduate Detective Programme is an entry route through which you can become a qualified detective without working as a police officer first.

You don’t need any previous policing knowledge or experience, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never previously considered a career in policing, but you must have a degree before you start the programme in any discipline.

We’re looking for people with the potential to become the next generation of detectives, representing the diversity of the communities we serve.

For more details on our eligibility requirements to join the force as a new officer, visit our eligibility page.

Can I afford this course?

The academic costs of this programme are covered by Northumbria Police.

What will I earn?

Whilst you are training you will also be paid a salary of £24,780.

This will rise each year as you gain the relevant skills and experience, for more information please visit our pay and benefits page.

What’s involved in the Graduate Detective Programme and what are the career opportunities?

This is an exciting time to be part of Northumbria Police. We are looking for hard-working individuals who will drive investigations to a successful conclusion and support victims.

As with all roles within the police, anyone who is in a detective post will tell you it’s the best job in the police. It is challenging, exciting and really rewarding – enabling justice for some of the most vulnerable victims in the most serious of crimes.

Being a qualified detective opens so many other doors in policing such as specialist roles in Safeguarding or homicide investigations as well as the worlds of covert policing.

Naturally there is a balance, the role of a detective is hard work, and you can be dealing with upsetting crimes such as violent murders, victims of rape and sexual assaults but you will be given the support and resources you need to do the role to best of your ability.

As a detective we need someone with the ability to assume nothing, believe no-one and challenge everything- it therefore requires the ability to make decisions based on evidence, attention to detail and to maintain very accurate records of the lines of enquiry.

The investigations can be challenging and difficult in terms of the type of crime as well as the complexity but there is always someone to seek advice from and to collaborate with.

The ability to work on your own, take responsibility for an investigation and the lines of enquiry as well as working as part of a bigger team and bringing offenders to justice is crucial.

If you can bring these skills along with flexibility, a mind-set to question ‘why’ something has happened and crucially the ability to be tenacious in pursuing lines of enquiry you will thrive in an investigative role.

In return, you will be supported with the material to pass the exam, trained in investigation techniques including interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects and work in an inclusive and supportive team with access to specialists and advisors.

What about my wellbeing?

In Northumbria we are passionate about where we live, what we do and the strong sense of belonging our communities share.

We believe an inclusive workforce with people from diverse backgrounds and diverse skills and knowledge makes us stronger. We have a range of opportunities to suit you and your needs and we take work-life balance seriously here at Northumbria Police. Creating a great place to work is fundamental for us and our support associations are part of this wider commitment.

Available to all of our staff and volunteers they are here to support your wellbeing and assist in pursuing your career ambition. They include Women in Policing, the LGBT+ Association, the Northumbria Police Ethnic Minorities Association, the Christian Police Association and the Disability Association.

Likewise, taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing is incredibly important for us.  We continue to invest in trained mental health first aiders onsite, an employee advice service offering 24/7 access to trained counsellors and a peer-led support programme. We have a keen focus on continuous professional and personal development.

The decision is therefore yours as to how far a career with us can take you.