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Calling out for Northumbria Police volunteers…Do you live in the Northumbria Police area and have the drive to help us provide an outstanding service to our communities?

Are you independent from the Police service? This may be the role for you!!!

Northumbria Police are looking for volunteers that live or work in the Northumbria Police area to join our Strategic Independent Advisory Group (SIAG.)

What is the SIAG?

The SIAG is a group of volunteers independent to the Police that have a desire to advise and offer constructive and critical appraisal to the Police on its strategies, policies and services that it provides to its communities.

The SIAG work in partnership with Northumbria Police to improve trust and confidence in the police amongst all communities, offer constructive advice about ways to improve the quality of service delivered by the police to all communities and provide strategic support in the formulation, development and review of policies and procedures. 

Why is it important?

It is essential that Northumbria Police provide a service that meets the needs of the individuals and communities that it serves and the SIAG play a vital role in achieving this. The SIAG work closely with the Police to offer practical analysis and guidance on Policing practices to improve public confidence and transparency. 

Members of the SIAG will review how Northumbria Police handle major investigations, incidents and issues that impact on our local community including Hate Crime, Stop and Search, Domestic Violence and Police Use of Force. The SIAG help to ensure the transparency of decision-making, keeping processes open and identify the effects on communities and cultures, specifically relevant to the community involved. 

The SIAG will assist the Police in communicating key messages and provide perceptions on how certain police activities are likely to be perceived by, or impact upon communities. 

Is this role for me?

It is vital that our SIAG members are reflective of our communities with specific skills, abilities, knowledge or awareness of issues affecting our communities. 

We are looking for?

Volunteers that live or work in the Northumbria Police area

Individuals that have no connection to the Police in any way

Passionate, determined and dynamic individuals that have a desire to improve the service we provide to our communities

Previous experience in strategic roles or panels is desired but not essential 

SIAG members need to be reflective of our communities to provide knowledge or awareness of issues affecting our communities. We are particularly interested to hear from those with professional experience or specialist skills from all areas of the community

What do I need to know?

Members of the SIAG are a group of unpaid volunteers and will include independent individuals from diverse communities with a broad experience working with and for communities

 SIAG meets six times a year and members are expected to attend a minimum of four of these meetings

All members will be vetted to protect the integrity of Northumbria Police and the SIAG

Membership will be reviewed annually by SIAG members and consideration given as to whether further recruitment of members is required

New members will be subject to an induction process

The SIAG membership will include a Chair and a Deputy Chair. An election will take place every 3 years for the Chair and Deputy Chair where all independent members are allowed to vote. The process for election will be agreed by members.